International summer school MATERIALS 4.0

Heterogeneous dislocation density modeling of interstitial free steel

Prof. Dr. David Field, Washington State University

Friday, Sept. 15th, 11:00 – 12:00
Görgesbau (Helmholtzstr. 9), room 229

Abstract: A polycrystalline interstitial free steel sample was plastically deformed under uniaxial tensile stress at room temperature and a low strain rate. The microstructure of the deformed sample was analyzed using electron backscatter diffraction. In addition, analysis employing a dislocation density based crystal plasticity finite element simulation was conducted using the initial measured microstructure. Both the experiment and the simulation results indicated localized plastic strain and dislocation patterning, which were controlled by the individual crystallite orientations and the grain boundary effects. The results also revealed that the level of concentrated stress at the grain boundaries depends on misorientation at the interface. Grain boundaries and triple junctions had higher hardening effects than the grain interiors as evidenced in both the experiments and model.

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