Sascha_HeitkamOur member Sascha Heitkam recieved the 2015 Klaus Tschira Award for comprehensible science (“Klaus Tschira Preis für verständliche Wissenschaft” ) which is granted annualy to scienctists in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Neuroscience and Physics who have defended an excellent PhD thesis and present their results in a short, generally understandable and exciting text.

Sascha was able to convince the jury with a topic on the stability of sphere packing which he discovered for himself already at the beginning of his PhD project a the Chair of Fluid Mechanics at TU Dresden and on which he has been working very successfully in a German-French cooperation.

Conbratulations to Sascha!

You can find the full text here.

[Image source: Bild der Wissenschaft plus 2015]

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