International Summer School „Data-driven exploration and design of materials“ (21.08. – 24.08.2023)

Data-driven exploration and design of materials Monday 21.08.2023 – Thursday 24.08.2023 an International Summer School organized by the Dresden Center for Computational Materials Science (DCMS), the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM) and the D³ Research Training Group 2868. New and optimized materials are the key for a sustainable future. These materials are developed more…

International Summer School „Dimensions of Intelligence in Materials“ (22.08. – 25.08.2022)

Dimensions of Intelligence in Materials Monday 22.08.2022 – Thursday 25.08.2022 an International Summer School organized by the Dresden Center for Intelligent Materials (DCIM) and the Dresden Center for Computational Materials Science (DCMS). Innovative materials are one of the key technologies for keeping products and industrial processes economically competitive and ecologically sustainable. Modern materials science requires a multi-discipline approach embracing…

Materials 4.0: A Fully Virtual Summer School

MATERIALS 4.0: Materials Genome Engineering This year’s Summer School took place from Monday 17.08.2020 to Friday 21.08.2020 and involved more than 60 participants and 12 speakers. In order to provide the possibility to participate in the Materials 4.0 summer school 2020 under the global challenge imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to have…

Materials 4.0 Summer School 2019

DAY ONE This first day of the Summer School Materials 4.0 – Deep Mechanics started with the Welcome and Opening ceremony. On behalf of the organization team, Prof. Gianaurelio Cuniberti, Prof. Sybille Gemming and Prof. Markus Kästner gave a warm welcome to all the participants and speakers. They introduced the ideas of DCMS and the…

Materials 4.0 Keynote: Surya R. Kalidindi, Georgia Tech

Materials Innovation Driven by Data and Knowledge Systems Prof. Surya R. Kalidindi Regents Professor George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering School of Computational Science and Engineering School of Materials Science and Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Friday, August 23rd, 11:30 – 12:30 Görgesbau (Helmholtzstr. 9), room 229 Abstract: Emerging concepts and toolsets in Data…

Materials 4.0 Keynote: Federico Zipoli, IBM Zurich

Accelerated Material Discovery Federico Zipoli, PhD IBM Research Division, Cognitive Computing & Industry Solutions Dept., Zurich Research Laboratory Monday, August 19th, 10:30 – 11:30 Görgesbau (Helmholtzstr. 9), room 229 Abstract: Experiments and theory have been widely used to drive the discovery novel material. In the last decades, also simulations contributed to speed up innovation. In silico experiments became…

DCMS Materials 4.0 Summer School 2019

MATERIALS 4.0: Deep Mechanics Monday 19.08.2019 – Friday 23.08.2019 TU Dresden (Germany) Applications open in March!  Event page   This summer school is part of TU Dresden’s Institutional Strategy, funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.

DCMS Summer School: Workshop

DAYS FOUR AND FIVE The last two days of the summer school consisted of several talks about recent and ongoing research. A wide variety of topics were presented, such as optoelectronics and photovoltaics, discovery of magnetic materials, simulations for nanoelectronic engineering and thermal transport. Three participants presented their work in a dedicated session. On Friday,…